What is eSIM?

A new way to connect to the world with the next generation of mobile devices

Introduced by the GSMA, eSIM is another step forward in the mobile industry and SIM technology. An integrated and rewritable chip built straight into your phone, eSIM enables Remote SIM Provisioning: Consumers are now able to store multiple operator profiles on a device and switch between them remotely. A new SIM is no longer required.



Consumers now have the freedom to connect to any mobile carrier partnered with Flexiroam. Change networks without replacing SIM cards.


Worldwide Coverage

With Flexiroam eSIM, users can connect to 580 different mobile carriers and enjoy network coverage in over 150 countries.


Easy Setup

Create your eSIM Profile and manage your own account at your fingertips.

Activate eSIM

On Your Phone With Flexiroam



  • US$20.00

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Activate your eSIM profile and get permanent access to 580 mobile networks in over 150+ countries without switching SIM cards*! Manage your own account using our Flexiroam X app!

Flexiroam X Mobile Application iOS Download

Flexiroam X Mobile Application Android Download

Check below what you can do after you activate your eSIM:

  • Add Credits and top up Global Data whenever you want
  • Check your data balance
  • Connect and disconnect from your Data Plan anytime
  • Activate Inflight Wi-Fi
  • Purchase Local Data
  • Check the coverage in your favorite destination
  • Share your data with family and friends with Flexishare Learn more

Currently supported devices: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, Google Pixel 4, Pixel 3 series, Galaxy Fold LTE models.

*Not supported by iPhone XR and XS Max purchased in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China

*Not supported by Pixel 3 devices purchased in Australia

*Not supported by Android Q Beta versions

Same day activation, no contract required!

Already Have An eSIM Enabled Phone?

Get A Global Data Pass Before You Travel

eSIM Activation included


Follow the steps below to activate the Flexiroam Data Roaming on your eSIM enabled iPhone.

1Go to Settings > Cellular / Mobile Data > Add Cellular Plan / Add Data Plan

2Scan the QR code in your email

3Tap Add Data Plan

4Choose Secondary Label. Name the label "Flexiroam"

Choose Use "Flexiroam" for mobile data only.

5To start using Flexiroam X eSIM

i. Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data > Select Flexiroam

ii. Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Data Roaming > Switch ON Data Roaming

Follow the steps below to activate the Flexiroam Data Roaming on your eSIM enabled Android phone.

1Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Carrier > Add Carrier

2Scan the QR code in your email

3Flexiroam added successfully

4Ensure Flexiroam data plan is enabled

Enjoy data roaming in over 150 countries. Check our full network coverage here




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